Who will make it to the end?

NextHome has always been a company that focuses on family, community and collaboration for a better today and tomorrow.

Our NextHome Cutting Edge Realty office decided that with the crazy year we had in 2020, it would be a fantastic idea to put our jobs aside and get to know each other better. Between pulling color bandanas to see which team you were on, to getting ready the morning of and having our game faces on, and finally the games begin. Toss the ball, number madness, draw the picture and bowling were the games we played together. The laughter in the room, working together to gather points and finally celebrating for the win is just one reason why we loved this event so much. BTW that was just day one of the excitement. 

team building

Game: Toss the ball

Team bonding picture

Game: Draw the Picture

Team building bowling

Game: Bowling


Game: Number Madness


Day two of the team building event was solving a mystery around Lafayette. This day consisted of gathering our teams and heading downtown, creating a name that represents us, dressing up as detectives and walking/running around the city finding clues to help us solve this mystery.  Solving this mystery was nothing but fun… but walking 3-4 miles was great exercise!! 

Team gray IMG_1786 IMG_8227 2

       Team Christie: Go Go Gadgets                                Team Joy: Krewe de Sherlock                                   Team Ivan: Blue Avengers


Can you guess who solved the mystery the fastest?? 





Krewe De Sherlock!!!! 

Acadiana Mardi Gras King Cakes

Get your King Cake today!!


With most of the Mardi Gras parades being cancelled this year because of the pandemic, king cakes are a big hit this year. Many Acadiana bakeries and restaurants are amping up their baking skills. Some king cakes are decorated with carnival colors of purple, green and gold and others are filled with wonderful flavors inside like cream cheese, fruit preserves and praline fillings. If you have ever had a bit of a king cake you will fall in love more and more every time. The following bakeries and restaurants are selling king cakes get yours today.

Cajun Market Donut Company

205 Rue Louis XIV
Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 706-7970
219 St Nazaire Rd
Broussard, LA 70518
(337) 839-0610

Champagne’s Market

454 Heymann Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 235-4114


Great Harvest of Acadiana

854A Kaliste Saloom Rd.
Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 236-8966



1921 Kaliste Saloom Rd #111, Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 534-8700


Keller’s Bakery

1012 Jefferson St.
Lafayette, LA 70501
(337) 235-1568


Meche’s Donut King

306 E Willow St.
Lafayette, LA 70501
(337) 232-3782
402 Guilbeau Rd.
Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 981-4918

Rickey Meche’s Donut King

2605 Kaliste Saloom Rd.
Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 989-9909

2025 West Pinhook Rd
Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 484-1000
101 Sabal Palms Row
Youngsville, LA 70592
(337) 856-5151

Rouses Market

601 Bertrand Dr
Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 889-0045
2900 E Milton Ave
Youngsville, LA 70592
(337) 362-2814
6136 Johnston St
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 889-0040

Twin’s Burgers & Sweets

2801 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 268-9488


It’s Crawfish Season, Y’all!!

Living in South Louisiana, Crawfish has been a huge part of our heritage.  The crawfish season differs from year to year but oh boy do we know when it is about to be crawfish season. With restaurants posting about it, putting signs up and just announcing it, we get so anxious to have our first bucket of spicy crawfish. The true season of crawfish lasts from January to June. With crawfish being such a huge part of our culture we anticipate all year long for our favorite crawfish spot to open up. The wait is finally over!! IT’S CRAWFISH SEASON, Y’ALL!!!

We’ve compiled a list of restaurants that are currently serving crawfish in and around the Lafayette area.


Now Serving Boiled Crawfish

Big John’s Seafood
3630 Broadview Dr, Erath, LA 70533
(337) 937-8355
Tuesday – Sunday 5-9 p.m.

Blue Crawfish Company
106 Roselawn Blvd Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 450-9400
Monday-Thursday 4:30-8 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 4-8 pm
Sunday 3-7 pm

Cajun Blitz
7778 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70555
(903) 216-9067
Wednesday-Friday 5 – 8:30 p.m., Saturday 3:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Cajun Claws
1928 Charity St., Abbeville, LA 70510
(337) 893-9437
Monday-Friday Bar opens 4 p.m., Seating 5 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday Bar opens 3 p.m., Seating 5 p.m.

Cody’s Crawfish Shop

505 Apollo Rd, Scott, LA 70583
(337) 456-3003
Monday – Thursday 4:30-8:30 p.m.
Friday-Sunday 2-8:30 p.m.

Coozan’s Mudbugs
307 Hwy 14 East
Delcambre, Louisiana 70528
(337) 685-3333
Friday-Saturday 5-8:30 p.m.

Crawfish Hole
4032 N University Ave, Carencro, LA 70520
(337) 565-4274
Tuesday-Sunday 4-8 p.m.

Crawfish Hole
510 Verot School Rd., Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 806-9665
Monday-Sunday 4-8 p.m.

Crazy Bout Crawfish
1905 Rees St., Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
(337) 332-3071
Everyday 10a.m.-9 p.m.

Dax on Verot
2832 Verot School Rd., Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 233-0329
Monday-Saturday 3-8 p.m.
Sunday 1-5 p.m.

D&T Crawfish
3140 Veterans Memorial Dr, Abbeville, LA 70510
(337) 893-5436
Monday-Sunday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Jane’s Seafood & Chinese Restaurant
1201 Jane St, New Iberia, LA 70563
(337) 365-5412
Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday 4-9:30 p.m.
Friday – Saturday 4-10:30 p.m.

Krazy Klaws
3221 West Pinhook Rd., Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 534-0400
Monday-Friday 4-8 p.m.
Saturday 12-9 p.m.
Sunday 12-8 p.m.

LT’s Seafood
636 Albertson Pkwy, Broussard, LA 70518
(337) 837-3268
Monday – Thursday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. | 5-9 p.m.
Friday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. | 5-10 p.m.
Saturday 5-10 p.m.

Lockwoods Grill
809 1st St., Gueydan, Louisiana
(337) 223-5050
Thursday-Saturday 5-10 p.m.

Meche Seafood
5393 Standard Mill Rd, Rayne, LA 70578
(337) 334-7852
Tuesday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Sunday 2-4 p.m.

200 Lafayette St, Youngsville, LA 70592
(337) 856-7469
Monday-Friday 5:30-8 p.m.
Saturday 10-2p.m.

Randol’s Seafood Restaurant
2320 Kaliste Saloom Rd., Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 981-7080
Sunday-Thursday 5-10 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 5-10:30 p.m.

Richard’s Seafood Patio
1516 S Henry St, Abbeville, LA 70510
(337) 893-1693
Monday-Sunday 5-9 p.m.

Stelly’s Boiling Spot
1120 Veterans Memorial
Abbeville, Louisiana 70510
(337) 740-0806
Monday-Saturday 4-8 p.m.

The Boiling Spot
273 Rees St
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

(337) 442-1238
Monday – Saturday 4 – 8 p.m.

The Cajun Table
4510 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy suite d, Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 806-9565
Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

The Crawfish Boss
6830 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 837-5700
Thursday-Sunday 4-8 p.m.

The Crawfish Hot Tub
218 E Milton Ave, Lafayette, LA 70508
(337) 281-1298
Tuesday-Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Friday 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. | 5 – 8 p.m.
Saturday 5 – 8 p.m.

Trapp’s Broussard
209 N Morgan Ave, Broussard, LA 70518

(337) 330-8443
Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Young’s Sports Bar & Grill
305 E Main St, Broussard, LA 70518
(337) 330-2900
Monday – Sunday 11 am-9 pm


Restaurant information provided by Lafayettetravel.com


Happy Home 101: Colors & Your Mood (#1)

Are you thinking of what colors to paint your blank walls? Do you have a room in your house that feels a little “off”? Maybe it has something to do with the color of the room. Modern research has shown that when our eyes connect with a color, our brains release different chemicals that impact us on a level that is both physical and emotional. By using this knowledge, we can manipulate our moods by painting our walls a certain color.

Though there are a ton of different options on the color wheel, but don’t get too overwhelmed! There are 6 distinguishable colors that we can choose from that have lasting effects on mood, according to Lisa Byrne, the author of, “Color me happy: use color to impact the mood of your home.”

  1. Red
  • Red is associated with high energy and power. It is the color our eyes are drawn to first in a room, so a little can go a long way.
  • Red signals courage, ambition and strength. It promotes alertness and speed, and connects us to our physical self.
  • Red may help instill confidence, get us going when we need to be active or task-oriented, and can help as an appetite stimulant.
  • When there is too much red present, or if someone is sensitive to reds, they may experience feelings of irritation, anger or hostility. Often, red is best suited as an accent color instead of the primary color in decor.

2. Orange

  • Orange is a warm, inviting, and joyful color. It invokes feelings of sociability, enjoyable connection, and happiness.
  • Orange has an emotionally strong presence, and promotes extroverted behavior – a fantastic color to use in gathering spaces to promote interaction and relationship building.
  • Because orange contains red, it can also be overused. Too much orange (or an orange that is too bright or intense) can create overwhelming, irritating or frustrating feelings.

3. Yellow

  • Yellow is the color of optimism, brightness, cheery attitude and mental clarity.
  • Yellow promotes creative, clear, upbeat thinking and decision making.
  • Yellow can be helpful in easing depression and encouraging laughter.
  • Studies have shown that over-exposure to yellow, especially intense and deep yellows, can increase irritability, crying, hyperactivity, and can shorten tempers in babies and children (as well as adults).

4. Green

  • Green is a tremendously pleasing color. It has many positive qualities — invoking renewal, balance, refreshment and peace — which provides a calming influence and stress reducer.
  • An excellent way to bring green into your home spaces is with indoor houseplants or herb gardens.
  • While there is not a strongly negative aspect to too much green, it can promote laziness and lack of initiative if overused.

5. Blue

  • Blue promotes rest and calm and is a very popular color (the majority of people will respond that their favorite color is blue).
  • Blue can be very effective to help ward off insomnia and promote a deep relaxing sleep. It can help balance hyperactivity in children, and promotes imagination and intuitive thinking.
  • While blue can often be tolerated in higher amounts than other colors, it is a cool color, and too much blue can shift into feelings of apathy, pessimism, or separation from others.
  • Balancing blues with a warmer, more relational color is a great idea for gathering spaces in a home.

6. Violet

  • Violet is often the favorite color of adolescent girls, it stimulates the problem solving areas in our brain, and it promotes creativity, intuition and artistic ability.
  • In design, violet communicates richness and sophistication.
  • Overuse of violet may result in feelings of insecurity or suppression of emotions.

Have you read over a color description that suited your personality? Perhaps you should pay attention to which colors repel you and which attract you. The colors you put in your home will be perceived by guests in a general way, but what is most important is how you feel around them. If you still aren’t sure which colors to place in the rooms of your home, it will help to think, “how do I want to feel when I walk into my living room?” Do you want to feel relaxed and peaceful? Or do you want to feel warm and cozy? Perhaps both? There are ways you can tie in more than one color, it just takes some planning first.



Link to Lisa Bryne’s post: https://theartofsimple.net/color-me-happy-using-color-to-impact-your-mood/


School’s Out; What’s Next?: 10 Summer Camps for all Ages

Summer has finally arrived! Although many of us are excited to relax, a question you may be asking yourself is, “What’s next?”. The answer could be Summer Camp. Summer Camps provide exciting new adventures that all ages can enjoy. The camps allow kids to feel independent and confident through decision-making and socializing with fellow campers. The truth is, many parents may struggle to find time or ways to make their child’s summer spectacular. Many parents that work throughout the summer can find it hard to keep up. Summer Camp could be the answer to all your problems! There are many great summer programs here, in Lafayette, that your child could be apart of! Here are some of the Summer Camps of 2018 near Lafayette, Louisiana.


  1. The Little Gym of Lafayette (ages 3-12)

Rates: starts at $30/a day

Location: 4422F Ambassador Caffery Parkway

“Day camp at The Little Gym of Lafayette gives your kid the summer camp experience without the bug bites, poison ivy and week-long commitments. Combining fun physical activity, games, and arts & crafts, we’ll help your child beat the summer heat by staying cool at The Little Gym. Our fantastic camps in Lafayette are also available during some of the school breaks!

This year you can also choose your own adventure! Camps at The Little Gym come in all shapes and sizes. Super Quest camps and Grade School Skill thrill camps give your adventurer something unique.”

Link: https://www.thelittlegym.com/lafayetteLA/parties-camps/camps


     2. Sky Zone Lafayette (ages 6-12)

Rates: $165/per week or $35/a day

Location: 3814 Ambassador Caffery, Lafayette Louisiana

“Have an epic time at Sky Camp Lafayette! Kids can have fun while staying active, with instructor-led activities like age-appropriate exercise and Ultimate Dodgeball. It’s easy and hassle-free for parents: Drop ’em off and we’ll make sure they have the best experience ever. A lunch and 2 snacks are included each day! Rest time is also provided throughout the day where the children enjoy movies and arts and crafts. What a way to spend the Summer!”

Link: https://www.skyzone.com/lafayette/programs/skycamp


     3. ESA Summer Adventure (Pre-K-12th Grade)

Rates: starting at $100

Location: 721 E. Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette La, 70508

“ESA Summer offers adventures in art, music, theater, athletics, science, math, writing, cooking and much more. ESA teachers and special guests lead campers in hands-on activities, games and explorations on both the Cade and Lafayette campuses of ESA and at other locations throughout Acadiana. View details at ESAcadiana.com/Summer. Adventure Awaits!”

Link: https://esacadiana.myschoolapp.com/page/ESA-Summer?siteId=867&ssl=1


     4. Camp in the City (Kindergarten-5th Grade)

Rates: starting at +$200

Location: Trinity Bible Church, 130 E Broussard Rd, Lafayette, LA 70503

“Camp in the City is a summer camp program right in your neighborhood! You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the waterslides, rock wall, and eurobungee outside, and you’ll be glad you came after spending time with super cool counselors and new friends inside. Kids completing Kg-5th Grade, join us on May 28-June 1 at Trinity Bible Church, from 9:00 am-4:00 pm each day.”



     5. Camp Oakbourne (ages 4-10)

Rates: Registration fee: $40, Weekly: $180/for members or $215/non-members

Location: 3700 East Simcoe, Lafayette, LA 70501

“Camp Oakbourne offers the unique balance of a traditional day camp experience in the convenient and familiar setting of the country club. With a combination of outstanding amenities, exciting programming, and an experienced and energetic staff team, our structured and fun day camp will be the perfect place for your child. Each day of camp will be a new and exciting experience for our campers as no two days with KECamps are exactly alike! Our days begin with Hello Camp, a morning meeting of sorts where, through an assortment of organized activities, campers and staff get to know each other, review the day’s schedule and sing our special camp song! Similarly, we will end our days with Goodbye Camp, a time for wrap-up activities and reflections, SMILE Bands, snacks, and “see you later’s”. The bulk of camp will be spent participating in a wide variety of activities throughout the day that may include: golf, tennis, swimming, arts and crafts, group games, fun with foods and STEM challenges.”

Link: http://www.kecamps.com/camps/oakbourne-country-club


     6. Camp of Acadiana (ages 5-11)

Rates: $100/child for full summer or $20/child per week

Location: KC Hall/Youngsville Center, 727 Young Street Youngsville, La 70592

“Our goal is to provide an amazing summer camp experience for kids of all backgrounds. We will provide a safe environment where kids can spend their summer with positive role models, while developing their social skills as they make new friends. Our summer camp will allow kids the chance to create fun memories and have an incredible summer camp experience.”

Link: http://www.campofacadiana.com


7. Zoosiana’s Jungle Camp (ages 5-12)

Rates: $25 to reserve a spot & $135/per child per week

Location: 5601 US Highway 90 E, Broussard La 70518

“A week in Jungle Camp exposes the campers to all of the wonderful things Zoosiana has to offer, including:
Daily zoo tours
Arts, crafts, and activities
Playground time
Behind the scenes tour
Feed-the-Parakeets interactions
Special “Friday only” activities
Educational animal programs (to include up-close enjoyment!)
And more!”

Link: http://zoosiana.com/camp


     8. Crawfish Aquatics (ages 6 months & up)

Rates: $130-$140 two week rate

(Note: this is not a traditional day camp. Crawfish Aquatics offers 1 and 2 week sessions of swimming lessons)

Location: 107 Susan Street, Lafayette La 70506

“Dive in to Summer Swimming with Crawfish Aquatics and enjoy lesson classes driven by our proven curriculum and passionate instructors. With the main focus being safety, Crawfish Aquatics swim lesson programs help children learn how to swim, instill confidence and foster a lifelong love of swimming. We love to teach adults too! Small class sizes (3 or 4:1 ratio for group lessons) means more swimming and less sitting on the side watching. Our instructors are CPR-certified and our Deck Supervisor monitors student’s progress during the session. With our indoor heated pool, we never rain out!”

Link: http://www.crawfishaquatics.com/lessons/lafayette/


     9. Kidcam Summer Camps (ages 5-13)

Rates: $104/per week including discounts

Location: First United Methodist Church, 703 Lee Ave. Downtown Lafayette and Youngsville Christian School, 214 Church St.

“For over 43 years, Kidcam Camps has been the leading summer camp provider for campers ages 5-13. Offering flexible, weekly scheduling, our programs are made for parents, and built for kids. Weekly field trips are included. Pay by the week, or Build-a-Session for 10% savings on any 3 or more weeks. Save even more with the Full Summer Session savings of 20% off total tuition cost. Tuition is tax-deductible. Online Registration and account management is available.”

Link: http://kidcamcamp.com/city/lafayette/


     10. Summer Art Camps at AcA (ages 6-14)

Rates: $40/per week

Location: 101 W. Vermillion Street, Lafayette La 70501

“Acadiana Center for the Arts’ Summer Camps offer creative, challenging and fun hands-on experiences for children ages 6–14. We believe in an approach to teaching and learning that employs stimulating ideas like inquiry and self-expression. With different camps offered each week, led by our talented team of teaching artists, there’s something for everyone!”