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I always knew that I wanted to seek out a different path and that eventually brought me to real estate.

After graduating from Beau Chene High School, I found myself like many seeking a secondary education to jumpstart my path to success.  That holiday season, I landed a part-time job at The Home Depot which was a very far cry from the beauty industry I was currently seeking as my profession.  Unbeknownst to me, that one little decision would fuel a passion in me for home improvement, interior design, decorating, and several years later, real estate.

In the years that followed, I would go on to become a wife and mother, but still found myself looking for that career path that best suited me.  In order to truly become the wife, mother, and financial partner I wanted to be, I needed to find a better work/life balance.

As my husband and I relocated from Texas back to Louisiana, our realtor invited me to attend a real estate seminar and that was a game changer for me!  Until that time, I really hadn't entertained a career in real estate.  After that seminar, I was officially hooked.

For me, the realization that all of my passions, needs, and wants could be all rolled up into one career was eye opening.  To me and my family, working in an industry that allowed me the freedom to put God, family, and truly servicing my clients above any corporate initiative was key.

As I have gained my foothold in the south Louisiana real estate market, I continue to stay grounded in faith, family, and motherhood.  I will always remember how scary it was just thinking of owning our first home, and how seemingly difficult it was until we found the right local expert to assist us.

My passion is getting my clients where they want and need to be.  Here, at NextHome Cutting Edge Realty, I have found a unique home where my skills in home improvement, operations, design, and real estate all combine to provide my clients with exceptional knowledge that eases them through the process of buying their first home, selling, investing, or building.

No matter what stage, I can truly understand where my clients are and where they want to be and am committed to providing excellent service throughout the entire process.