Who will make it to the end?

NextHome has always been a company that focuses on family, community and collaboration for a better today and tomorrow.

Our NextHome Cutting Edge Realty office decided that with the crazy year we had in 2020, it would be a fantastic idea to put our jobs aside and get to know each other better. Between pulling color bandanas to see which team you were on, to getting ready the morning of and having our game faces on, and finally the games begin. Toss the ball, number madness, draw the picture and bowling were the games we played together. The laughter in the room, working together to gather points and finally celebrating for the win is just one reason why we loved this event so much. BTW that was just day one of the excitement. 

team building

Game: Toss the ball

Team bonding picture

Game: Draw the Picture

Team building bowling

Game: Bowling


Game: Number Madness


Day two of the team building event was solving a mystery around Lafayette. This day consisted of gathering our teams and heading downtown, creating a name that represents us, dressing up as detectives and walking/running around the city finding clues to help us solve this mystery.  Solving this mystery was nothing but fun… but walking 3-4 miles was great exercise!! 

Team gray IMG_1786 IMG_8227 2

       Team Christie: Go Go Gadgets                                Team Joy: Krewe de Sherlock                                   Team Ivan: Blue Avengers


Can you guess who solved the mystery the fastest?? 





Krewe De Sherlock!!!!